The Tale of Rookie and Kai: part 1

Tini op avontuur

She is doing whát?

Morgana off balance

Morgana looked up, just a bit more annoyed than surprised. To me it even seemed more a reaction to herself rather than to my words and their implicated meaning. As if she hadn’t seen this coming.

When I look back, I do believe that this was the first time I really loved her. Her usual composure falling apart was provokingly endearing.

In my manner now, conveying to you the situation at hand, I’m confiding to you: Morgana always has had this particular talent to get me to digress to 4th of 3th density perspective. Of course, a talent like that, paves the way for me seeing the areas where I have work to do. What most of the times – makes me wary. She seems to be enjoying that a bit too much, you see?

So, often I don’t really like her. Off course I love her in general, in a more neutral way. After all, I am of the 5D orientation. Love-colouring here holds an ‘everything inclusive’ signature.

But I state this more on a personal level now. Which ís a bit strange. For ‘we’ in 5D don’t do such often. As most of guides we have lost or shed the personal ‘thingy’ out of the equation.

You as earthling for example, would feel ‘us’ in general as detached, wise and kind. Although we still have and hold personal perspectives, for sure.

Sensing her now questioning herself, diving within herself snatched away layers I thought of as harshness, exposing more her dualistic nature. It was pretty.

Naming the stuff

And dear reader, when I say ‘Morgana’ or when in future I name energies: I do this for the sake of being able to tell the tale. For you have to understand, without focussing something to density by giving it a title, a framework, a meaning known to the collective Whole, there would be no Story I coúld share. I have to náme everything!

Otherwise, it all would come across as this neutral blending of … nothingness. Which is beautiful, but no creation-road of anything. So I pin the energetical exchanges down for you this way. In fact, darn similar as you do too when you direct yourself to other humans when you talk or discuss a subject.

5D love always ascending to more

Elaborating on that what I am telling you is: 5D is not fix. It’s a state. Where I mostly reside. Most of the time. With most of my energy.

So yes, she’s an energy, a force. So am I. So are you. Made up of many patternings, never static, never standing still in our procession. I guess we all are compositions of some sort. I’ve never known to be it any other way. And indeed, even on higher density planes, there’s still contrast. But we get to that later on.

I’m at it with that ‘naming-stuff’ now where in addition I have to cover the following layer too, because perhaps it can assist you. The level of concentration in focus one holds, makes out how one articulates bestowed upon meaning of collective, accumulated, convenient agreed upon cluster-clouds. When we name things, we are bringing forth the attached symbolism.

All is symbolic in this matrix

Our names are literally symbols. Our chosen date of birth, our biological DNA-lineage, our gender, our way of composing and musing our life force through the ether is frankly all symbolism. Do you get my drift?

Our feelings, talents and perspectives mould the sort of means of expression we use, like for example those languages we utilize. More so, the words of our languages and how we compile and bind them together are one of the most symbolic instruments ín the Field. The colour of your eyeshadow is too! Addressing áll those who like to wear this adornment on their skin! No judgment whatsoever coming from me – he said silly jovially. One would have able to feel his true warmth if one were there.

The giant Indian model figure smiled one of his blissful twinkles. Or at least, he could have been a model in your realm. Think Vogue quality or Pinterest pictures? Not that this hold much sway, he could change his appearance in a flinch. He was just being loyal to the subject at hand, Tini who had designated these looks to his way of her feeling-ín and perceiving his energetic blueprint. He felt close to nature for her, very close indeed to the five elements, fierce but steady and calm in demeanor. What gave birth this holographic postulated picture I’m describing you.

I say to you – the hologram kept on going – your clothes, other ornaments, the colour of your living-room paint, your house, your domesticated animals, that car or bike…ALL of it!

He had raised his telepathic message several frequencies deeper to enhance the importance of his ‘speech’, so to reach you with this education.

The Indian co-locating his energy

For Morgana on the other hand, this little intermezzo with you my dear reader, didn’t take place. This part of the bigger conversation he cloaked firmly. She would soon enough find out when words were put on a pc-screen, and put with even more emphasis in the ether, gaining weight and going on to live forever in the minds of many. But that was not this now-moment. He didn’t grant any interference on his signal. He had first to feel-in and inspire one of his direct soul family, and that one was a rebel too. She wasn’t connected by Morgana for no reason.

The man wasn’t finished here. He went on addressing this unseen ‘future’ audience, gifting shamanic wisdom for deepening the understanding between being-s:

Also, we all expand or contract in our interactions. But you already knew that too. He swept his long black hair aside, bent over to be a bit closer and added more secretively and gentile this time:

Introducing the oversoul (you know, just as in Jane Roberts trilogy)

Before I go on, confusing you so much with this language-explanation of mine where I switch from one perspective to the other, putting your patience and framework at maximum stretch: let me introduce myself. For I am so glad to meet you!

I am named Kai. You would see me as the oversoul of Tini. Tini who now is doing something that wasn’t expected of her. (Handing me over to Rookie, a little rock she created without going at it the usual way. It’ll be one steep adventure. She wasn’t hired or called to do this. Not by me to be perfectly clear!)

This energy I call Morgana in this tale holds the female shadowy alchemystical creatrix perspective closeby, as you already could make up from my description. This name resides in your collective cloud of knowledge. Titling the ‘energetic form’ before me in that manner makes her relatable for you. It gives you a visual too. Normally Morgana doesn’t miss much. This time she did. And that, my beloveds, was funny to me. I would not have divinated this experience if you had consulted me prior on it.

The introspection of Kai

Me noticing this on the other hand, held some intrinsic implications too. I knew that the very fact of me finding such thing funny and pretty, showed me where I still was not embracing unconditional 5D embodiment myself. Since this engages my negative ego part too. Otherwise I would not (!) have felt the relief I did. The same goes for me normally staying as far away as I can, almost avoiding interacting much with Morgana.

The one named as Kai took his focus back to the woman projecting herself before him.

With her previous exclamation still lingering in the air: “She is doing whát?”, the exquisite female went on: “Kai, are you telling me she’s creating a parallel reality on purpose, linear ánd wholistically?” Morgana now looked straight at me dear reader. Her gaze as dark and glorious like thunderstorms. Her eyes scanning the edges of my holographic projected template.

“Keep steady Kai! Focus!” I must have glitched a bit. “Stay here for gods sake! I’m talking to you.”

“Yes, I think so. That’s her plan.”

Morgana’s colour changed. The bluish aura surrounding her, now tinted with some soft pale pink dots. “But she doesn’t know how it’s done, she hasn’t enough actual knowledge to do so.”

A new player in the court- ahum … boardroom

“Nor the wisdom!” The thought we felt roaring wasn’t ours. Both our faces send out a question mark. A light purple colour materialised in the vortex boardroom. It didn’t take on form. We both knew whose signature came in.

“Merlin, she will fail, they’ll see it as unbelievable arrogance!”

It was uttered in loud protest attached with grief and pain to it. I always knew that Morgana loved Tini, to my knowledge she was the one who woke her remembrance in those first days, just to be dismissed for rendered services afterwards. As was I on different occasions. Hmmm – so she stood by this confused earthling fractal of mine still?…How did I miss this?

‘Stop it Kai, of course I love her.’ The remark came in telepathically.

“Stop teasing Morgana Kai.” It was this Merlin magus again.

“You’ve always questioned her essence too much. But that’s yours to fix and has nothing to do with Morgana’s being. Did you forget that it wasn’t just Morgana who waked her, but Freya too? How is it you know so little about Tini? After all, she’s one of your cells. In Avalons name, can you please explain yourself?”

Silence filled the room-realm where we had our contact. Underneath the indignation of Merlins tone, therein lay the real question. And as an arrow, it was pointing at me.

“He doesn’t care about her. She too much of a mix, she’s too female. Ohw, and all those fires in her, he can’t stand the unrest. Let alone, that ADHD to sum up just – “

“Do you?” Merlin now became a bit visible, interrupting Morgana.

“Come on through Merlin, bé here for once! This is important you know.” – Morgana exclaimed. Herein even priming her passionate compassion for the mortal vessel.

Kai pays his respect

I took a slight bow to the energy as a formality of respect to his presence. This was a highly unusual situation. Most of the time I knew Merlin to be all over the Matrix, not showing himself in focussed density that much for it prohibited his being of service in his capacity of broadness over the dimensional planes. Adding to that even the fact that these days the lineage of Feys nearly held as much punch as in those earlier era so full of magical brightness. Something to do with a portal and several distortions.

“I must admit, I do not take much interest in her field most of my time. She demonstrated volatility indeed and changes her mind so much, so fast, it’s hardly worthy of focussing in. I thought it wouldn’t make much of an expansion perspective for me. Although now, she seems determined. Her heart is congruent and loving, that much I sense.” I nodded meanwhile, lending proficient load to my statement.

“And so she’s planning on skipping the necessarily, let’s say: completion of the 3D ascension cycle but deliberately create transmutation without even reincarnation. But not for herself? Does this not strike – as cunningly odd? What? She’s making it up as she goes, improvising her way? “

‘Yés.’ We both felt each other, in mind, agreeing to the statement Merlin had made out-loud. Knew it was á statement, the real question was … something else.

Kai and Morgana keep on bickering

I could feel what these mystics were asking of me. The time was come to lend my consciousness more to this plane of existence.

“You must guide her to the waters Kai, learn her to take in the information. Isn’t that what u do?”

Merlin smiled at Morgana. A beam of purple light with dots of greens reached her, the message: ‘Dear one, she already knows.’

A gesture that you would take as hands thrown in the air was Morgana’s replay. “She seemingly visits Kai at will interrupting with all kind of questions, which is what’s bothering him, I’ll say! It’s him that doesn’t always has access to her when he wants. He would love to inspire her, but she likes to learn trough shadow. That’s more exciting as all of us know all too well.”

The white haired man grinned from one old ear to the other, his ever so transparent face even showed wrinkles this way. “Forgive me for saying so Morgana, how can you be absolutely sure in this case? Isn’t it rather your optics you’re formulating?” He continued, addressing me:

Merlin intervenes

“Kai, it’s of essence she tells the Story the right way. It has been done many times before. Attempting to convey the distortions of reality so that it’s understood from many perspectives isn’t an easy thing. It’s the same as telling humans good and bad are real and not real at the same time. It’s non comprehensible. The One’s gist at times leads even us astray! We forget all too easy how this is for humans. Us telling them to observe and analytically look at the realness of benevolent and maleficent outcomes in 3D and not believe them to be good or bad, meanwhile asking them simultaneous to take their clues from it. Go figure! Btw: how do you sense this Rookie? Is she you or totally of her making?” Merlin paused. Then went on, but now more as if he forgot we could hear his thoughts too, not just his words.

‘There must be more at stake for her than I phantomed. When she expresses into the void with the wrong accents, it will go horribly wrong. More akashic transformational so called clearing to do, but if she gets it right, that’s a big gain.’

Solutions in the making

The question his mental puzzling posed to us, reached instantly consensus. Neither I, nor Morgana had slipped a mere fraction of a thought-send-out to each other during Merlin’s rant. We all knew it clair-cognizant in that very instant.

We teach her. More.

By being accessible more. And in dreams. And in books. And in life matters. And in feelings. And equally by sending others onto her personal pathway too. How does that saying go again? If you don’t feel love, increase the dose? Something like that.

Another question derived from Merlin’s mental mind, put forth some geometrical formations in the ether before us three.

Who’s creating?

The little one going rouge

I answered: “I’m not sure. I can sense Yeshua, although there is not much contact, mother Earth of course – but more in her previous cycle of Tara-energy. There’s Angel, my other cell fractal with whom she sometimes converses. Also she’s had flashes of contact with other(s) on future and past existing timelines. She’s confused about some of those. Even several less to expected experiences, opened up to her too. Bleed trough’s all over but not totally put in some efficace order to always make sense. The way she continually switches from the inner knowing to the out-her world where she doesn’t apply the wisdom is quite stunning. Her bodily health could suffer from this a lot although I wouldn’t mind taking her further on a channeling trajectory. What do you think magus? She’s not scared easily and for certain shows little to no angst in dealing with off world shadow entities.”

“I know. She demonstrates balanced hexe promise. Not referring to that silly polarising Assassin’s Creed game mind you. I’m talking about the old ways. Where the title hecse, hagzissa, hagatusi or heagtesse meant: ‘she who walks the boundaries’. She did well giving her avatar the name Rookie, I’ll say. A vast good choice. At least this she thought trough. Rrrhhóóókíhhhííé…”

Morgana pronounced the character we all would be working on soon, enjoying the tasting of the syllables and meaning bestowed upon it.

Since from now on, Tini would just be infusioned but fading into the background for you dear reader. I know, the sentence has a weird ring to it, but…it does grasp in it’s meaning the perfect expression of our vision of that very moment. The one who would become just an instrument of her own decision made was tiny Tini. She’d summoned us into this predicament of her own free will. Her hunger for the Knowledge, insatiable as is, brought this adventure to the fore.

Birthing Rookie Avatar

Hence it was Rookie Avatar, the little stubborn rock whom would benefit our attention most. As her creatrix willed this into being and with no infringement of cosmic universal laws trespassed (yet) prohibiting this wielding of magic …, therefore it felt granted we would counsel the Story. For Rookie’s realm was a timeline that could influence both past and future, we decreed endowing her little Sophianic hero’s quest that day. I for one, had a lot of questions to pose to Rookie. As she undoubtedly will have several of her own inquiries to investigate.

And so…

The dice were thrown.


the Tale began

Turning our Love into prayer, the real kind, that empowers, as words do and can.**

As we faded from each other, pulling away our energies from the focal point of the boardroom meeting, I just faintly could sense Merlin anew laughing: “Yeshua too, … that’s quite bizarre …”

Morgana’s angered thought was the last thing I could pick up: ‘Holy heavens, she doesn’t even know how souls are created. It’s not just formatting …’

To be continued –
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