The Tale of Rookie and Kai: part 3

Tini op avontuur

The interrogation, or so it started somehow.

Dealings at the Office

“Why do you wrote this paper Tini?” He smiled.

Always so charming, she never could tell quite how much of his outward shine, that appearance of kindness was real.

She could tell perfectly with most people though.

Fudging on her sweatshirt and smiling: “I thought it might help. It doesn’t have to be, thát’s okay for mé.”

It sounded awkwardly forced. His secretary, or to be exact, his private HR employee, looked up from her screen not even amused by the situation.

Tini Involves Kai

‘It’s not funny Kai – Tini thought – I really mean it, I always try to help. It’s not that I’m just this serious overachiever. I want to make things better!

Why else would I overdeliver? It isn’t my coping mechanism of the week or anything like that. I really try to support!”

Kai didn’t respond. His postere seemed to her as calm and even as ever. Something which always made her feel safe.

Not sure if Rookie would feel the same way around him. But her future timeline was going a big question mark with all these AI changes now breaking through.Tini knew this to be a fact.

Divination unroll self Talk

Not that she thought of herself as this wise seer but she knew herself well enough to know she could roll out timelines as a computer would, even better in many regards.

To be able to do so one would have to include even more knowledge, éven the esoteric, … in fact: especially the esoteric wisdom to gain a crisp clear result – with knowledge I mean, you have to include EVERYTHING.

Yes, that means also flighty more legendary stories, all those conspiracy theories with their legion distortions woven in, all the stuff there is about extrasensory experiences, all new NASA updates, ancient other earth cycles, you get my drift?

Going in very deep within the body and going very detached away from yourself.

Mr Boss was looking at his female employee but Tini was more occupied with her thoughts about how reality builds itself and how come she was so at ease with this kind of divination.

Other people always went berserk when she shared some of her insights about what she had found to be true. She skipt from her left to her right foot. Her ADHD mind never really ‘quiet’ in the background.

I must warn you dear reader, for her it is a normal way of being. Every person has this self talk off course, some of us even enjoy connecting dots all the time. Arranging things, sorting it out, trying to understand. Organising and re-organising with every bit of extra input.

The Girl with the Air element

But that’s not even it,

3D dimensionality gives one ample enough data for that…but one has to seek for it. Look with different ‘training’ at the world surrounding us. But, when you seek, you’ll find it. That’s a derivation and therefore an inclusion of those universal cosmic laws. Bylaw would be a proper word for it.

And this being the place where most people stop their investigation of reality, Tini went further. The problem, she knew, wasn’t that one could not fill in the blanks as we do with puzzles.

The problem was also that we change reality and outcomes just by the meer effect of seeking and looking for something. Even more more so: the intent which one holds in that regard, mingles with all outcomes right through one another.

Not even lineair, not even linear and horizontal, not even in directions like a star with 5 points or six, no! No I mean it’s really criss-cross, beaming out, beaming in, this in all directions and in all connections of connotation it made in the proces, who then again anew make new points of interlocking because of ‘recognition-draw-in similarity -requentie’.

It’s a cluster of energy that communicates with each others parts. Large and big parts. biological and that what we call inorganic. Which isn’t really inorganic, but that’s another subject. This to the infinite.

Being made real by ALL the parts in similar vibing AND it’s opposites. And at the same time being just a thoughtform of One being. Which makes us furthermore about the same as such holographic templates, but for our own lives there are consequences.

Because we feel and have strong emotions and such have implications on our bodies –

Tini Slipping up Big

Mr Boss sensed, Tini being ‘off’ somehow, she demonstrated a tit more unrest as was her usual demeanor. Off course she noticed his perceiving of that and rambled on telepathically:

‘He can’t possibly really know my multitasking Kai!’ – And right after that: ‘Cán he?’ Contrary to her confidant inner conversation, her looks outwardly weren’t a mirror reflection of this. She still struggled in this area, no matter the amount of efforts she made.

Instantly, the vibe she felt told her: ‘Focus! You look distracted and smiling for no reason it seems so. That’s what he’s picking up on. Just relax, you got this!’

The one sending the vibe, the one who’s name sounded as ‘Kai’, had a pleasant moment although not being in the room himself. It amused him highly he’d catched himself giving his pupil the exact same order he himself got frequently these days, namely: focus! Focussing simultaneous with intensity on one thing while really feeling occupied with other stuff.

“Really, it’s fine if you can’t do anything with it, I like to write. I’ve included the sign off for the copyright in the mail.

“Mr Boss had stood up, rearranging some papers on a desk. He didn’t address her directly. “Well, you must be, this took me quite a long time to read.” There was that charming smile again.

“Oh, well, I understand,” she replied. No: ‘thank you Tini.’ No: ‘that’s considering.’ Not even a: ‘I see if we can implement a part of it’, nope, nada, zilch…protesting inside. Some other employees came in, having a merry chat between them three. She could hardly concentrate on the conversation before her as was, now her attention went where her eyes took her; to the treesome. ‘Jezus girlllll, fócus!’ – She reprimanded herself.

Something changed in the air. Suddenly the room had this lingering taste of tension. ‘Oh Kai, I shouldn’t have said that, did I? Why did I say that? Am I getting fired? Can he hear my thoughts?’

“Tell me, what do you actually write? I mean, away from the job?”

The Question

Tini slipped a gasp. There you have it. Bingo! The moment she always longed for and feared so much at the same time. Truth isn’t an easy thing. Nor is it random.

If she was ready for it was a totally other ballgame. Still, she knew she provoked this question because at the same intensity level as she dreaded it, she felt relief seeping through.

‘The words came as if they were pushed into this world. This was the big moment of birth. Or at least, that’s how it seemed. Finally this little woman with her many shadows, was taking her plunge. We awaited this moment and in the same breath we did not think she would go for it. I for one had my doubts. Also I didn’t think it would be her I must admit. Not at first you see… Knowing her resistance, her inexperience, her revolting nature. But in focussing in on her, in those moments I knew every cell of her body and so I could sense her courage now too. She didn’t care anymore. Not enough anyway to hold up the facade any longer. Tini, as she was called was not going to play along. This was getting beautiful and raw.’ “Why didn’t I see this coming at first Merlin?”

Kai pretty content saw Merlin appearing before him. “You called?” Merlin ever so smiling conveyed: “She is fiery, this you-part. Rebellious. You haven’t shared with me Kai what part of your soul you initially projected upon her at birth?”

Frowningly Kai almost replied ‘I didn’t’ – immediately catching the error of his way and correcting himself. He gave the sage access to his thoughts.

‘Of course, I understand.’ Merlin’s image faded. ‘I can feel her heart, yes she feels fine, she’s trashing her reality for the sake of more authenticity. Morgana was on point, she uses density as a tool. Effective it sure is.’

As mental conversation between Merlin and himself was ‘on’ Kai felt Tini’s nervous system going on fire. Her aura a multitude of deep green and yellowish that signaled him she was mustering up her ‘je ne sais quoi’.

There She went

And so it finally happened dear reader: the perfect translation of the colours Kai saw ‘became more’!

They sounded blunt, not masking at all the insecurity of the speaker of these words for she was feeling far to happy. But the words were spoken mind you. And as reality forming goes: they went right into the Void, looking for matches in the attempt to changing it forever. Not that such words on their own don’t sway power, I have to add. Statements as this in fact carry lots and lots of potential, they don’t carry yet momentum. Meaning: for infinity, their load would now in future now’s and even past-now timelines search for similar frequencies. By no means, the situation here, held at all, at this point that critical mass.

“Mr Boss, it’s a bit hard to explain. My guess is, you would call it fiction. Sci-fi perhaps?” Mr Boss did not flinch. What he did do though was slightly move over to the warzone. All of his posture went from the former to annoyance.

Morgana not Being Herself

Kai felt some sort of lucidity coming in. He could not totally localize it but he did feel the clarity. Serenity took him over. “Kai, stop her. Hurry!” “Morgana? I didn’t recognize you, you feel strange, what’s – “

The only response he got was this feeling he came short and had to make haste. So entrenched with the biological natural Matrix as he usually felt, so guilty and humanlike he felt now.

‘Okay tiny Tini here we go…let me in, I have a task to perform, right this instant you hear me?’ For Kai had felt an energie so old and wise, embedded in universal Love he instinctively yielded. He trusted the frequency information that flooded his being. Merlin has got my back, I can do this.

Meanwhile almost out the door fleeing the situation she had corned herself in, Tini took her leap of faith. As she held the doorknob in her hand, squeezing it much too tightly, she turned and looked her employer straight in the eyes.

Or at least that was her goal. She so much as suspected, that her words would slide from his shirt and (really) nice abs, as snow melts on mountaintops once spring sets in.

Full blown graduating a total joker the woman started up the continuation of her love for writing. The moment she shared her why…

Tini Blows it Up

All and everything shifted in the Net when she was heard saying: “I think it’s a story of worlds ending, and starting anew. I’m not quite sure… Maybe, really I’m not sure at all, but I do wonder. Maybe we, in our generation, in this now, we caused Atlantis to go down. In the future I mean.”

Legions of endless consciousness without beginning or end felt her voicing it out to them. Although in the backoffice of that workspace that day – not a single beep.

Nothing like that buzz of a more tumultuous nature that started up in worlds spread out all over time and space. A new thought had been formed. Well, to be more specific, a new thoughtform had been composed out of some already existing clusters. Hence, the Matrix would have to answer this ‘call out’. For this now and every now, past or future. Only the Akashic normally deals with possibility forecasts as realities.

But she wasn’t done with it. Even not sure that this was the case or would be.The craziness kept on coming out of her mouth.

“I’m not writing it Mr Boss.” Since Tini some seconds before probably already had her future cancelled in this firm, so she added with a sardonic smile. Smashing all believe about her sanity with her smirk attitude, she sometimes loved so much. In ‘their’ regard at least, she had to be seeming this crazy broad for sure! How else could this play out any different? Knowing very well mentally, she had herself put in the position of being fired on the spot that red hot minute; she kept on adding more information, useless to their ears:

“Rocky is. I call her Rookie. For she’s that silly newbie who thinks she’s a know-it all. Or…yeah, possible too that that’s rather me. Maybe you’ll meet her, in a year of five from now? I don’t exactly know. I hope you do. I really hope many do! Honestly for real! For this would mean, there is still some hope left. For us, that is. Humanity, you see? Otherwise, this AI is taking over. Even Elon Musk says so. I’m feeling confident that we can create it differently. From our joined hearts frequency. I have to find out trough writing you see. It’s my symbolic permission slip of choice. Or will it be Kai directly performing the writings through my body? Perhaps in time? As soon as I upgrade my lucidity. Honest-to-god, I don’t exactly know how it’ll be induced and who’ll be doing what in that regard. Shall I tell you about Kai? Is any of you familiar with channeling methodology?”

Nobody answered her. For a split moment she almost repeated her last sentence but somehow, someway…everybody went on with their ‘whatever they were doing before’. How come? Qué?

The Relief

Tini, or should I say ‘mommy Rookie’ felt light as a feather returning home that day. So weird she didn’t got sacked. At least, so Tini felt. Mr Boss’s many customers she met and served that day, with an extra sparkle to her bright smile. A sort of personal touch she obliged herself to.

This could’ve gone terrible. But It hadn’t. Mr Boss as well as her other co-workers had just ignored her fanatic speech all together. So odd, but perhaps all for the better. Who’s to say? One thing she knew; she had looked in the abyss and it hadn’t so much as glanced back.

‘It feels to me as if they didn’t hear anything I said after ‘sci-fi perhaps’ ? Maybe I ám losing my marbles Kai!’ – Tini signaled him telepathically, still cheerful radiant because of the giant leap of faith she took towards victorie: that deep rooted fear of not being able to be herself.

‘It’s ok, Tini. It’s done now. Concentrate on your healing and progress now. We’ll connect soon. Please, do not forget to meditate before you reach out.’ He cloaked the connecting.

Merlin and Kai Saving the Day

“Thank you Merlin. Close call. She was so elated, I wasn’t difficult at all. Amping her vibe was perfect. Nobody heard a word she said. Just that she likes to wright sci-fi.

The other stuff they weren’t able to receive. I even dare to say, not sure it was even necessary. She needs stability right now. With no job employment that would be at risk. She did step fully in embodiment of her plan. So with her free will consent now converted to actual action, I like us to keep on working with her. Btw: who was with Morgana? She sounded not as her individual self.”

“Still doubting her intentions Kai?” Merlin smiled. The two men I mean. These minimal jokes delighted both of these high spirit-beings much. No-One is just their ‘individual’ Self. Evidently.

“Come on Kai, did you miss it really? But all right, I understand your longing for official confirmation. I am pleased and able to express that Aria’s winds carried the data.”

“Aria, thé becoming ARIA ?”

“Affirmative. In this time-space concept, the endorsement stands. Morgana’s aid was offered and sought, let me rephrase that as accepted, for her specific expertise and capacity in dealing with reversal energies.”

To be continued –

Where you’ll soon find out who is this Aria…

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